Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My New Year's Eve

After my PA duty in the morning, then I go Mid Valley,
I ownself hang gai, nobody teman me, sad T T
then I go MPH Bookstore,
I dunno why I feel want to call Jern,
finally I call, you know what,
he's at the dunno what name restaurant having lunch
with his brother & his brother's GF,
so ngam wan, lol
and he done a thing makes me pai seh & yu....
infront leng luiis some more...

My New Year's Eve SUCKS,
you how to pronounce SUCKS?!

It's so F**king BORED I AM,
I cant stand it anymore,
Im gonna die because of my boredness!!

Listening to If I Were A Boy remix by R. Kelly,
he remix untill sangat chun larh, DAMN!!
And also Walking In The Sun by Born Crain,
He's from Belgium, leng zai & cute also.

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