Sunday, September 6, 2009

Suet lIng's bday :)


Jing Yi aka The Snow White

Guess what we mixed it to it?

Bow tie in L size

Please welcome the finalist for Miss Malaysia 2009

Me And Sue Ping

Ah Ma (Kah Yee)

Saturday, September 5, 2009


(1st)Finally I can online already, it's been a long time i don't have connection, I realise that I can't live without connection. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

(2nd)Finally I giving up for liking her, cause I realised I don't have a chance to be with her, maybe this what so called "Faith".

(3rd)Finally school's trial exam coming, 3days more is the 1st day of my school exam, the first exam is the subject I most worried every years, that is B.Melayu subject. *Sigh*

(4th)Finally my class trip is officiallly On!! Everyone in my class agreed, but the sad thing is almost half of our class going only. We chose Pangkor for our class trip, is on December 18th. 4days 3 nights.